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A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode 15 – Skill Out

While this aired 5 days ago, my preferred fansub group have only just got round to completing the sub (I guess doing karoke the new OP/ED delayed them?), hence why this post is somewhat late.

This episode focuses on a group of people calling themselves "Skill Outs", who hunt ability users and assault them - Academy City is a nice place no? Misaka also seems to have become an unofficial member of Judgement based on the amount of time she now spends with them, hopefully this means more fight scenes for her.

There's an interesting end to this episode, although somewhat predictable as you watch it. Plenty of humorous moments in this episode and worth the wait!

Misaka is hoping to fight the skill outs, however her statement could easily be misinterpreted...

...and is!

Academy City has slums too

Obviously a rare thing for Kuroko?

Judgement desu no!


A Certain Scientific Railgun Ending 2

While waiting for my preferred fansub group to sub episode 15, I decided to check out the 2nd ending. In a word, wow! The 1st ending's song (Dear My Friend -Mada Minu Mirai he- by ELISA) was a nice song, but a little slow and calm for my liking. However, the 2nd ending song (Real Force by ELISA) hits you straight away. It's a fast, upbeat song and has some amazing vocals!

The the colour on the accompanying animation is a little strange, I think real-colour animation would look much better. We see the main characters all preparing to leave for school and meeting up. The point where they push against the door (0:47) and the camera flies through is simply amazing and really compliments the song - it's something you really need to see, video at the end of this post as usual.

Kuroko and Misaka

Uiharu and Saten

Ancient camera!

Lovely group photo - hopefully someone will remake this in true colour

The CD single for this will be released on the 17th of February, will be interesting to see what the other song on the single will be.


A Certain Scientific Railgun Opening 2

Last night's episode (15) of A Certain Scientific Railgun contained a new opening sequence, not surprising for a 26 episode series. The song used is LEVEL5-Judgelight- by fripSide who also sung the first opening (only my railgun). The song itself is upbeat and has a fair amount of bass like only my railgun but doesn't have the same feel to it, however it is still a very nice opening song.

The opening's animation is initially somewhat static and slow, but soon gets going and is nicely in tune with the song.

Is this my hand?

Saten with unknown classmates



Misaka running downhill - grass looks a little simple

Saten in class, bored

Uiharu in Judgement training, hard work!

Touma and Index - blink and you'll miss them

Saten's friends

Harumi is back?


Komoe now making a permanent appearence in Railgun?

Dorm supervisor. Note that this time there's a small logo for fripSide

Kuroko pulling Misaka

Anti-Skills, probably being useless as usual

Misaka lands after being thrown back, could easily be misinterpreted as acting like a dog

Serious Business

Kuroko falling, she can teleport but...

...Misaka can't!

Misaka super attack?

I've uploaded a lot more screencaps than I normally would, but a lot happens in this 2nd OP. Hopefully the remaining episodes of Railgun are just as good!


A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode 14 – Special Training Course

So after a 1 week break, Railgun is back again, wooho!

This episode is a continuation of the Level Upper arc (you thought that had ended didn't you?) where those that used the Level Upper are force to attend somewhat harsh extra lessons (or punishment lessons as one student aptly puts it). However, all is not as seems.

It's nice to see an episode once in a while that dosen't focus completely on Misaka or Kuroko, only showing them at the start/end. Instead, it focuses on Ruiko and reintroduces characters from other episodes or even the main anime A Certain Magical Index. We see Komoe, Touma's teacher taking the class.

While nothing significant plot-wise happens in this episode, it does convey a very important message to the Level 0's - you are capable of more than you think you are!

Misaka still likes Gekota

She will, just look at that smile

Massages are always good

It wouldn't be anime without an awkward moment in the episode


Utawarerumono OVA Episode 2 – Prescription for a Secret Love

Eruruu seems slightly embarrased about her profession

Wow, new characters (Nopon and Gomuta) - who promptly abduct Eruruu and take her to meet another new character - Kamuchataru (new to the anime anyway, apparently she makes an appearence in Utawarerumono's PS2 game).

This story revolves around Kamuchataru's love interest in a certain character we know quite well from the main series (Benawi). However, according to Kamuchataru this character is only interested in younger girls (hmm), so a potion must be made to make her younger - no problem for "Eruruu the medicine girl".

After discovering Benawi is allegedly into younger girls, Eruruu starts to have visualisations about a relationship between Benawi and Aruruu, with amusing results.

Overall this was quite a good episode, although I felt at times that the actions of the two new characters where slightly overdone at times. Regardless though, i'm still looking forward to the 3rd and final Utawarerumono OVA which is due out on the 23rd of April 2010 - a long wait, ah well. Update: The release has now been postponed until the 26th of June 2010, bah!

Nopon and Gomuta abduct Eruruu


Hakuoro buried in work as usual