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A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode 14 – Special Training Course

So after a 1 week break, Railgun is back again, wooho!

This episode is a continuation of the Level Upper arc (you thought that had ended didn't you?) where those that used the Level Upper are force to attend somewhat harsh extra lessons (or punishment lessons as one student aptly puts it). However, all is not as seems.

It's nice to see an episode once in a while that dosen't focus completely on Misaka or Kuroko, only showing them at the start/end. Instead, it focuses on Ruiko and reintroduces characters from other episodes or even the main anime A Certain Magical Index. We see Komoe, Touma's teacher taking the class.

While nothing significant plot-wise happens in this episode, it does convey a very important message to the Level 0's - you are capable of more than you think you are!

Misaka still likes Gekota

She will, just look at that smile

Massages are always good

It wouldn't be anime without an awkward moment in the episode

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