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Utawarerumono OVA Episode 2 – Prescription for a Secret Love

Eruruu seems slightly embarrased about her profession

Wow, new characters (Nopon and Gomuta) - who promptly abduct Eruruu and take her to meet another new character - Kamuchataru (new to the anime anyway, apparently she makes an appearence in Utawarerumono's PS2 game).

This story revolves around Kamuchataru's love interest in a certain character we know quite well from the main series (Benawi). However, according to Kamuchataru this character is only interested in younger girls (hmm), so a potion must be made to make her younger - no problem for "Eruruu the medicine girl".

After discovering Benawi is allegedly into younger girls, Eruruu starts to have visualisations about a relationship between Benawi and Aruruu, with amusing results.

Overall this was quite a good episode, although I felt at times that the actions of the two new characters where slightly overdone at times. Regardless though, i'm still looking forward to the 3rd and final Utawarerumono OVA which is due out on the 23rd of April 2010 - a long wait, ah well. Update: The release has now been postponed until the 26th of June 2010, bah!

Nopon and Gomuta abduct Eruruu


Hakuoro buried in work as usual


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