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Utawarerumono OVA Opening

I've recently started watching the Utawarerumono OVAs (Have watched the main series, posts about that to come soon). There is a new opening in the OVAs and it's difficult to see when the OVA side story is set in comparison to the main series. For a start, we see all of the main characters from the main series but based on the fact it shows [spoiler]Kuuya acting as a child and Yuzuha alive[/spoiler] it would appear to be set towards the end of the main series. Alternatively, some episodes may be set within the timeline of the main series but others before/after? Who knows, I can only find out by watching the actual OVA episodes.

The opening itself is unusually long at around 2 minutes but quite detailed, showing all of the characters we expect to see. The song used in it is adamant faith by Suara.

Eruruu - Looking as cute as ever!

Kamyu gives Mukkuru a small crown of leaves.

Kuuya and Sakuya

Dori and Gura

Mikoto and child

And the actual opening itself;

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