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A Certain Scientific Railgun Opening 2

Last night's episode (15) of A Certain Scientific Railgun contained a new opening sequence, not surprising for a 26 episode series. The song used is LEVEL5-Judgelight- by fripSide who also sung the first opening (only my railgun). The song itself is upbeat and has a fair amount of bass like only my railgun but doesn't have the same feel to it, however it is still a very nice opening song.

The opening's animation is initially somewhat static and slow, but soon gets going and is nicely in tune with the song.

Is this my hand?

Saten with unknown classmates



Misaka running downhill - grass looks a little simple

Saten in class, bored

Uiharu in Judgement training, hard work!

Touma and Index - blink and you'll miss them

Saten's friends

Harumi is back?


Komoe now making a permanent appearence in Railgun?

Dorm supervisor. Note that this time there's a small logo for fripSide

Kuroko pulling Misaka

Anti-Skills, probably being useless as usual

Misaka lands after being thrown back, could easily be misinterpreted as acting like a dog

Serious Business

Kuroko falling, she can teleport but...

...Misaka can't!

Misaka super attack?

I've uploaded a lot more screencaps than I normally would, but a lot happens in this 2nd OP. Hopefully the remaining episodes of Railgun are just as good!

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