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A Certain Scientific Railgun Ending 2

While waiting for my preferred fansub group to sub episode 15, I decided to check out the 2nd ending. In a word, wow! The 1st ending's song (Dear My Friend -Mada Minu Mirai he- by ELISA) was a nice song, but a little slow and calm for my liking. However, the 2nd ending song (Real Force by ELISA) hits you straight away. It's a fast, upbeat song and has some amazing vocals!

The the colour on the accompanying animation is a little strange, I think real-colour animation would look much better. We see the main characters all preparing to leave for school and meeting up. The point where they push against the door (0:47) and the camera flies through is simply amazing and really compliments the song - it's something you really need to see, video at the end of this post as usual.

Kuroko and Misaka

Uiharu and Saten

Ancient camera!

Lovely group photo - hopefully someone will remake this in true colour

The CD single for this will be released on the 17th of February, will be interesting to see what the other song on the single will be.

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