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A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode 15 – Skill Out

While this aired 5 days ago, my preferred fansub group have only just got round to completing the sub (I guess doing karoke the new OP/ED delayed them?), hence why this post is somewhat late.

This episode focuses on a group of people calling themselves "Skill Outs", who hunt ability users and assault them - Academy City is a nice place no? Misaka also seems to have become an unofficial member of Judgement based on the amount of time she now spends with them, hopefully this means more fight scenes for her.

There's an interesting end to this episode, although somewhat predictable as you watch it. Plenty of humorous moments in this episode and worth the wait!

Misaka is hoping to fight the skill outs, however her statement could easily be misinterpreted...

...and is!

Academy City has slums too

Obviously a rare thing for Kuroko?

Judgement desu no!

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