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A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode 16 – Academy City

Mii and Kurozuma

It's taken a while for me to get this posted, been really busy with other things which means less anime watched! Oh no! Anyway, here's my thoughts on Episode 16.

So, continuing from Episode 15 left off, Mii has found out that Kurozuma is actually alive. Following this, we get quite a few flashback scenes of Mii's participation in Big Spider - something she now fights against as a member of Judgement. However, now that she knows Kurozuma is actually alive she is torn between him and her Judgement duties. It's nice to see a bit of backstory for once.

However, Misaka and Kuroko soon ensure that Mii is back on the right track and they proceed (along with Kurozuma) to eliminate the remaining Big Spider members in one of the most impressive fight scenes we've seen yet. Even more impressive is the lack of ability usage within the actual melee. We also see Mii's ability, [spoiler]X-Ray vision[/spoiler].

An enjoyable episode overall, the backstory is interesting and there is plenty of plot development (and the odd bit of humour) to keep you interested.

Kuroko with her hair let down, a rare sight

Kuroko's catchphrase


Misaka destroyed the ability-disabling sound van on the other side of the wall

Yes, do something for once!

Mii's Ability - X-Ray vision

Seems to be a recurring theme

Misaka contemplates the events of the episode

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