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A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode 17 – Spelling the Summer Holidays

Anti Skill hard at work

An episode following the activities of Anti Skill's most useless employee (Tessou). Nothing much happens other than seeing the daily activities of Anti Skill when not failing to counter big problems.

We also see two characters from Index making an appearance. Komoe, Touma's teacher who also made an appearance Episode 14 and Opening 2 and Deep Blood.

During the episode there is a mini-earthquake. Ironically, at the same time a warning about a real earthquake is scrolling across the screen - great timing.

There is the odd comedic moment, however other than these it's a pretty boring episode as nothing really happens. I hope that this isn't the start of a trend for the remaining episodes, Railgun has been mostly good so far - don't stop now!

Tessou messed up and got taken hostage

Boxing is now good for your skin apparently

Just like in Index, Deep Blood still wants all the hamburgers she can get. Apparently they taste good...

Taking things out of context is fun!

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