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Angel Beats Preview

I came across the preview for Angel Beats the other day, this looks like it's going to be a fantastic anime. It is set in a world between the real world and heaven, where people who have "lingering attachments" end up after they die in the real world. The protagonist, Otonashi, quickly becomes involved with the SSS who lead a fight against God. Trying to stop them is the student council and associated angel members which will make for some interesting fight scenes.

The music that accompanies the preview fits perfectly, hopefully this will carry over into the actual anime. The opening is apparently sung by Lia, who sung Tori no Uta, Air's beautiful opening song therefore I think we can expect another spectacular opening song. Character design is done by visual novel company Key who are renowned for their amazing character designs.

Angel Beats starts airing during April 2010, I will definitely be watching this.

Preview video at the bottom of the page.

Ordinary school anime?

Perhaps not?

Okay, definitely not your average school anime!

A school band playing?

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