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A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode 18 – Cypress Park

That's one way you could say it...

In this episode, Kuroko decides to help the dorm supervisor get the man of her dreams - Diago, the homeroom teacher of Saten and Uiharu. Lets go over this again, Kuroko is giving relationship advice - this can only end badly and/or humously.

It turns out that the dorm supervisor helps out at a faculty for "Child Errors", i.e an orphanage, where Diago also helps out. Coincidentally, Saten and Uiharu are also helping out, due to low test scores. Surprisingly, Kuroko's plan and advice actually work quite well. However, the ending ([spoiler]Diago is actually interested in another woman, despite not showing any interest for her at any point in the episode![/spoiler]) is somewhat anticlimactic and doesn't really fit in too well with the rest of the episode.

At one point, Misaka has a breif flashback to an episode within the Level Upper arc where another set of "Child Errors" are used in a not so nice experiment. Due to her knowledge of this, it seems she gets on well with the children and plays a lot with them, while the others idle and advance Kuroko's plan.

Overall this was a fairly interesting episode, it was certainly amusing to see Kuroko arrange a relationship for someone other than Misaka for once!

The correct response to anything Kuroko says

Eh?! Huge lie!

Misaka is pure evil

The dorm supervisor is back to her normal self

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