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A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode 19 – Midsummer Festival

It's an open day, so we must dress as maids?

On the surface, this seems like another filler episode, and overall it is. However, the lack of plot is substituted with a fair amount of humour.

It's the Midsummer Festival, and the Tokiwadai dorms (where Misaka and Kuroko live) is holding an open day. It's strange that they are holding an open day of the dorms rather than something more interesting such as the school, but it seems there is plenty to see nevertheless. At various points we have crossovers between previous episodes and A Certain Magical Index. We see the kids from Cypress Park (Railgun Episode 18), Tsuchimikado (A Certain Magical Index), Index (A Certain Magical Index), Touma (A Certain Magical Index) and many more.

Thought the episode we see Misaka becoming increasingly nervous about a performance that she will be doing later on. While I was expecting a demonstration of her awesome power, we actually get to see her [spoiler]playing the violin. The tune she plays sounds somewhat similar to Real Force, the 2nd ending[/spoiler].

The next episode preview seems to focus on earthquakes, something that has occurred in quite a few previous episodes. I speculated that this may form part of a future plot and it seems Episode 20 will unveil who/what is causing these earthquakes.

Lets have a duvet day!

Misaka is on top of the game

Uiharu's facial expression is proof of this

Cypress Park episode crossover

Wait, what?

In the rare event that Misaka can't use her powers, she'll just smash you with a chair instead

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