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A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode 20 – Poltergeist

Haruue Eri

The earthquakes which have been occurring in previous episodes are now attracting serious concern from the Anti Skills. However, it seems that they are not actually earthquakes, rather when an esper looses control of their powers they exhibit the Poltergeist phenomenon. Normally, this isn't a problem, however large numbers of espers exhibiting this can cause earthquakes. [spoiler]It's later revealed that someone else can trigger these poltergeist events to happen, and hence trigger earthquakes[/spoiler].

We also get introduced to a new character, Haruue, a transfer student from another school who is assigned as Uiharu's room-mate. However, those with good memories will realise that [spoiler]she's not actually new as she featured in Episode 17 (Spelling the Summer Holidays) where she lost her locket[/spoiler]. To help Haruue settle in, the girls go to the arcade and fireworks with her, whereupon everything goes badly wrong! Unusually in Railgun, we actually have a cliffhanger ending, I am very much looking forward to Episode 21.

This is definately one of the better episodes, hopefully we've now got an interesting Poltergeist arc to see us through to Railgun's end, which is rapidly approaching 🙁

Flying Dolls Attack!

This looks pretty bad...

For a city-wide fireworks display, there appears to be a distinct lack of people

What might Misaka have seen?

A Gekota mast of course!

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