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A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode 21 – Voice

Get. Off. Me!

Following on from last episode's cliffhanger, we find it's actually not much of a cliffhanger at all. I was expecting Haruue to continue speaking, but she just passes out instead.

This however does not stop plot development (yay!). Predicting a connection between Haruue and the Poltergeist incidents, Misaka and Kuroko investigate Haruue - much to the disgust of Uiharu who has become fiercely protective of Haruue. Misaka shows off some impressive hacking skills - apparently giving a laptop an electric shock is enough to make it retreive secure data from a remote server ...

Thankfully, Haruue [spoiler]isn't the instigator of the poltergeist incidents, just a victim[/spoiler]. However, despite the fact I knew whose picture would be in Haruue's locket ([spoiler]we see it breifly when Haruue makes an appearance in Episode 17[/spoiler]) it still sent a chill down my spine due to the awesome combination of background music and memories of what happened to Edasaki Banri, a child error who seemingly died as a result of a nasty experiment (Episode 11). The fact that Haruue can telepathically hear Edasaki must mean that the subjects of that experiment are 'asleep' as implied by Harumi in Episode 11 rather than truly dead. I hope one of the remaining episodes features their revival, which would probably make both Haruue and Harumi very happy.

I'm looking forward to the next episode, entitled Level 6 - super powers please?

Row row row your boat...

Since when was Judgement all fun and games?!

Real hackers just shock the laptop

In Academy City, the boats can fly

Considering the past history of Academy City's 'specialists' and 'scientists' I wouldn't really trust them on that...

Misaka's obsession for anything childish strikes again

Understatement of the year

Haruue's locket with Edasaki Banri's picture

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