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Spice and Wolf Volume 1

Spice and Wolf Volume 1 Cover

I've been meaning to watch the Spice and Wolf anime for a while now, but combined with my ever increasing to-watch list and a friend telling me that it was 'all about economics' I didn't think I'd get round to watching it any time soon. So, I did something completely different and ordered the light novel, from which the anime is based off.

I recently finished the novel and I'm happy to report my friend was somewhat wrong! While economics and finance do feature, they are blended extremely well with the main storyline, which sees a travelling merchant (Lawrence Kraft) discover the wolf goddess of the harvest (Holo/Horo) in his cart.  A relationship is quickly formed between the two and Holo's cute charms provide plenty of embarrassment and amusement for Lawrence as they travel around.

While the cover is somewhat ordinary (apparently this was a complaint from many fans), it does not annoy me particularly. As soon as you open the book, you are presented with 3 beautiful double page spread full-colour images of scenes from the novel. Not only this, but thought each chapter there are 1 or 2 images depicting a scene. These where very well drawn and added greatly to my imagination of the scene.

I thoroughly enjoyed the novel and have already pre-ordered Volume 2, which comes out in June 2010. I am definitely bumping the anime version of this up a few places on my to watch list too!

Author: Isuna Hasekura
Bought From: Amazon

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