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A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode 22 – Level 6 (The one who Arrives at the Meaning of God while in the Body of a Mortal)

It appears that Gekota broke into our facility!

Railgun does like to have the odd long title (see also episodes 2, 6 and 13) and this seems to be one of them. I was hoping that the title would mean that this episode revealed an actual Level 6 (as if Level 5's where not complete overkill already!) however instead we have flashbacks about how some scientists went about trying to create a Level 6 using very immoral/illegal processes as is the tradition of Academy City.

Uiharu's ability surprised me, I was expecting that her ability was to control plants as hinted by her rather floral headband, but actually it's just to keep things warm. I felt sad when Harumi had to hand over the kids to MAR, I don't really trust Telestina that much and Harumi was so close to making a breakthrough! On the other hand, the potential collateral damage that Harumi may cause could be far worse. As a compromise, I don't see why Harumi didn't offer to work with MAR considering the amount of work and research she has performed regarding this case.

That's a bit harsh!

Uiharu talks about her ability

This is Academy City don't you know - crazy scientists are legal!

No, you really don't...

Protip: Do not loose your temper and accidentally reactivate the security system of a building you've broken into

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