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A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode 23 – Right now, what do you see?

Run Level 5 Girl!

In a word, wow. This episode certainly rivals my favourite (episode 12). We've got a lot of plot development, revelations and a slightly unusual fight scene.

It tuns out that my suspicions about Telestina where correct, she really isn't one to be trusted, and is actually [spoiler]the granddaughter of Kihara Gensei, the mad scientist who tried to create a Level 6 and ended up putting those child errors into a coma[/spoiler]. Of course, since we handed the kids over to her last episode she now holds all the cards and can continue the experiments. Misaka attempts to stop her, but it turns out Telestina was behind the Skill Out's use of Capacity Down, rendering Misaka's powers useless and creating an interesting fight scene where an unexpected character ([spoiler]Kongo[/spoiler]) has to step in to save the day for once. Telestina really is the most evil character we've seen in Railgun so far.

After Misaka's failed attempts to stop Telestina, the other Judgement members attempt to convince Anti-Skill to act (despite the fact we've yet to see Anti-Skill do anything useful in Railgun!). It looks like Episode 24 (Dear My Friends) is going to be an awesome finale to the series, with all of the Judgement members teaming up with Harumi and Anti-Skill to stop Telestina. I can't wait!


Looks pretty, but sadly somewhat ineffective

Kongo saves the day, her catchphrase seems to actually be followed up on this time.

I'm looking at Saten, is this a trick question?

We have Musasino Milk to drink, we can't possibly fail!

If you're a Level 0 and have no powers, fall back to melee weapons!

Okay, it's not a screencap but I found it amusing ^^

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