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When They Cry – Higurashi Episode 1 – Spirited Away by the Demon Chapter One – The Beginning

Rena-chan, extremely cute and quite possibly a murderer

So we start with a scene of someone violently beating up people with a baseball bat. Straight away, I can see that Higurashi is going to be quite a violent anime. After the opening plays, we get a general introduction of the characters and normal daily life (which does not appear to include violent murder at the moment). However, when Keiichi talks to a visiting photographer, instantly our view changes. He mentions a violent murder which occurred some time ago. As Keiichi attempts to investigate further, he is repeatedly blocked by the other girls, Rena and Mion and investigates on his own. What he discovers is quite unnerving and nicely sets the tone for the rest of the series.

Keiichi's punishment for loosing at Old Maid

Details of the murder

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