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A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode 24 – Dear My Friends


A fantastic action-packed finale for Railgun and by far my favourite episode, the only one that comes close is Episode 12 (AIM Burst).

This episode really brings together all of the events of previous episodes and makes you realise that Railgun is just one long arc with several sub-arcs. There are some extremely impressive fight scenes featuring all of the main characters in different situations. Like the fight in Episode 12, the fights are timed to the opening music. However, as there are two main fights, the first is timed to the second opening (LEVEL5 -judgelight-) and the second to the first opening (Only my Railgun).

Some of the new fight techniques where quite amusing, when Kuroko pulled a machine-gun style belt of pins out of her bag I couldn't help but burst out laughing. It turned out to be quite a successful technique too allowing her to rapidly teleport the pins into the weapons of her enemies, thus disabling them.

[spoiler]Telestina[/spoiler] is perhaps the most evil and insane villain I've ever seen and simply does not give up. She had to be [spoiler]blasted by Misaka's railgun[/spoiler] twice before she was finally subdued! Perhaps more amazing is that after this, she is [spoiler]still alive[/spoiler]!

I will post up a series summary soon. It's sad that Railgun is now over but i'm pleased that they made the final episode as epic as it was and didn't leave any loose ends (Code Geass R1, i'm looking at you).

Apologies for the high number of screencaps, there was so much awesome that I found it difficult to limit myself. In fact, at first I had 135 separate screencaps and eventually narrowed it down to the ones below.

Kuroko's machine gun style belt of pins

Close up of the pin belt, just brush your hand along and use your teleporter powers to rapidly fire them

The car is going at 145km/hr. Being on the roof like that is probably not a good idea!

For the first time, Anti-Skill seem to actually be doing something effective

Misaka yells for Kuroko's support, how on earth she could hear from the great distance away she was is beyond me

Misaka's awesome 'full power', which we saw in the second opening

Do not annoy Level 0s who happen to have a baseball bat in their hands

Misaka having to use her full power again

While Kongo was useful in this episode, it seems that her superiority complex hasn't changed

Misaka's expression here is without a doubt the strangest i've ever seen


Miho (Episodes 3 and 14)

Dorm Supervisor

Cypress Park kids and staff (Episode 18)

Deep Blood and Komoe

Index and Touma

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