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When They Cry – Higurashi Episode 2 – Spirited Away by the Demon Chapter Two – The Secret

Based on this, I think the festival needs to be renamed. "Violent Murder Festival" sound good?

Now, we start to find out more about the violent past of Hinamizawa. It seems that every year at the cotton drifting festival, someone dies. This year, [spoiler]Tomitake (the photographer)[/spoiler] dies and someone else disappears. The police start probing this death and call upon Keiichi to assist them.  Now, he already strongly suspects Rena's involvement - going behind her back and working with the police is surely something that's not good for his health? Well, as long as he can keep it secret he'll be fine right?

Wrong. Rena sees him talking to the detective in the car and then later overhears him talking to the detective on the phone. Uh oh. If I was Keiichi i'd be watching my back very carefully at this point.

While this is referencing a game, i've got a feeling it may also be true in real life

She knows, notice how her eyes have changed

and now she's overheard every single word Keiichi has said on the phone

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