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Angel Beats! Episode 1 – Departure

"Snipin's a good job, mate! Fancy joining my fight against god?"

It seems this first episode has omitted the opening and the full ending, therefore i'll be writing about the first episode before i've introduced the series and written about the first opening.

The protagonist, Otonashi, suddenly awakes in the afterlife only to be asked to join the fight against god by a girl holding a rather large sniper rifle - Yuri. Naturally, Otonashi is somewhat shocked by all of this. Yuri, who is the leader of the Afterlife War Front, gives him a quick run down on the situation and an overview on their enemy - an angel which she is currently aiming the sniper rifle at. Still in disbelief, Otonashi goes to talk to the angel and asks her to prove that he's dead, so she promptly stabs him.

When he wakes up later, he is absolutely fine (but his shirt is soaked with blood) proving that he can 'die' as many times as he likes without actually dying. Otonashi finally agrees to join the SSS (死んだ世界戦線, Shinda Sekai Sensen, Afterlife War Front) after a bit of convincing from other SS members and becomes involved with their fight against the angel.

Their first operation is to 'liberate' some meal tickets from the NPCs that inhabit the afterlife. To do so, a concert is put on to distract the NPCs while the meal tickets are taken. Naturally, the angel (Tenshi, which literally means Angel) decides to come and interrupt this and a fight breaks out to delay Tenshi. After the meal tickets have been taken, the SSS retreats and makes use of the tickets.

Normally, I do not write this much about the events of an episode, however so much happened that there wasn't really any other way to summarise it. I was looking forward to seeing Angel Beats based off the previews and it's not dissapointed me. The animation is extremely fluid and there tends to be motion at all times, not just mouth movement like in most other anime series. The animation scenes involving the band and battle are outstanding and I really hope we get to see more of them within the series.

While i've heard that not everyone has liked the first episode of Angel Beats, it's hard to see why. This is a series with an interesting storyline and excellent animation to back it up. Roll on Episode 2!

Screencaps are below, but you really need to watch it to see how amazing the animation is.

Punishment for declining to join Yuri initially

Anti-Angel traps. Try not to fall foul of them, they hurt somewhat

TK speaks random English phrases seemingly all the time

Tenshi deflects a single bullet using Hand Sonic

Tenshi deflecting lots of bullets using Distortion

Girls Dead Monster in concert

Concert hall, with liberated meal tickets flying upwards due to some rather large fans

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