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Angel Beats! Episode 2 – Guild

It's a trap!

Having expended most of their ammunition on the angel in the previous episode, the SSS need to restock. In order to do this, they must visit the Guild, a 'factory' deep underground that is able to create objects based on memories. As the Guild is a lucrative target for the angel, it is guarded by a large number of anti-angel traps. Thankfully, when the SSS go to visit they arrange to have these traps disabled, however since the angel appears the traps have to be reactivated to protect the Guild. Naturally, the SSS decide to press on through the traps.

The traps themselves vary, but they are all extremely dangerous and painful. A lot of them seem to be taken straight out of an Indiana Jones film. Of course, some of the SSS succumb to these traps in amusing ways. However, the fun soon stops as Yuri takes a break with Otonashi (everyone else got caught in a trap) to explain the events of her past life. While she doesn't say how she died, her tale of what happened to her family is really shocking and extremely sad.

Yuri and Otonashi reach the Guild, but the angel is close behind which triggers another fight scene. Unlike Episode's 1  fight scene, this uses melee weapons to great effect. Tenshi also shows off another one of her Guard Skills which helps with dodging attacks. It seems a lot of her guard skills are inspired by things from The Matrix, complete with added binary effects.

At the end it seems like both the SSS and the Guild have had a serious setback due to events of the episode, but thankfully they still exist. What events will take place in the next episode is anyone's guess. This episode was a great mix of humour, plot and sadness - the combination of which you tend to never see in a single episode.

Giant metal ball. Running away highly suggested

Forgetting about the traps is potentially fatal, try and remember next time!

That's... reassuring

I think you've got more important things to worry about, such as the bottomless pit you're hanging over. Plenty of time to smell her later!

Guard Skill: Delay. Looks extremely impressive

Boom! Bye bye Guild

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