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Angel Beats! Episode 3 – My Song

Iwasawa's Ballad

It looks like every opening to Angel Beats is going to be different, around half way through it there are scenes from the upcoming episode so you'll get a quick peek at what's possibly coming up before it starts. There's also a change to the ending, but more on that later.

Class SSS are planning yet another operation, this time it's "Operation Revenge for the Tenshi-area Invasion Plan", in other words they're going to break into the Tenshi's residence and hack her computer. As with Operation Tornado in the first episode, a distraction is required and hence Girls Dead Monster are called upon to put on a large concert to distract the NPCs and Tenshi herself.

During a break from practising, Iwasawa (Girls Dead Monster's lead singer) recounts her memories to Onatashi. While hers are no where near as sad or shocking as Yuri's, they're still pretty sad. However, it also explains how she developed her love of music and her lifelong dreams before she died, which is interesting to hear.

Naturally, the concert is successful at causing a diversion, perhaps too successful as it attracts the attention of the teachers who shut it down (but not before we hear them play an awesome new song - Alchemy). Desperate to buy more time, Iwasawa breaks free of the teachers, picks up her classical guitar and plays a rather moving ballad which gives Class SSS time to fully complete their operation. As Iwasawa finishes her ballad however she [spoiler]disappears[/spoiler]. Normally people in this world can only do that if they lead a normal life and don't rebel. I suspect that they can also [spoiler]disappear[/spoiler] if they achieve a lifetime dream from before they died - in this case Iwasawa has fulfilled her dream of playing the guitar and singing. Of course, without a lead singer Girls Dead Monster is in a bit of trouble, it will be interesting to see who exactly the replacement will be, either it'll be a new character or possibly even Yui who is a huge fan of them. I guess we'll find out next time.

The ending has changed slightly too in order to reflect the events of the episode. I suspect that both the opening and ending will change with each episode based upon the events within it.

The first CD, Crow Song, containing Crow Song, Alchemy and My Song by Girls Dead Monster was released a few days ago. If you enjoyed the songs in the show I highly suggest picking it up.

Death by Pi. Amazingly, both the recitation and subtitles are actually correct.

Otonashi is drinking Key coffee, Key wrote the storyline for Angel Beats! Note also "Bolvic" bottled water - extremely similar to real-world "Volvic" bottled water!

Girls Dead Monster in concert, playing Alchemy

For a 2010 anime, you'd think they could at least parody a newer Operating System than Windows XP!

Like the previous concert scene in Episode 1, this is fludly animated and is extremely impressive.

"Did I accidentally trip you up? Oh, i'm so sorry!"

New ending. Note the lack of a certain character and the new character Takeyama ('Christ')

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