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Angel Beats! Episode 7 – Alive

Operation Monster Stream - Fishing!

Now that Naoi has joined the SSS they are yet again left without an enemy to fight. However, Yuri takes advantage of Naoi's hypnosis ability to offer Otonashi the chance to remember his past. He grudgingly accepts and thus begins this episode's past life recollection.

Otonashi wasn't anyone particularly special, however he did care deeply for his hospitalised sister, she was the sole reason he lived. Unsurprisingly, she dies and obviously Otonashi is deeply shocked by this. However, rather than take his life, he works towards getting into medical school to help others in a similar position to his sister. Sadly, he is involved in a [spoiler]train accident[/spoiler] and dies before realising his dream.

I'm curious as to if these are really his memories - can Naoi really hypnotise Otonashi to remember? What if Naoi is implanting fake memories into Otonashi's mind?

In the second half of the episode (Otonashi's recollection is quite long and detailed), Class SSS initiate Operation Monster Stream. This is an alternative operation to Tornado for gathering food. As usual, Otonashi has a vivid visualisation of a monster, while the actual operation simply revolves around fishing. Otonashi decides to invite Tenshi along, much to the shock of other Class SSS members (who have had no problems accepting Naoi!). Otonashi eventually wins them over and they head to the stream.

Once Tenshi gets the hang of fishing, she manages to catch 'The King of the River'. Normally, Class SSS are unable to catch it but thanks to Tenshi's passive strength ability they are able to. Unfortunately, they are somehow all flung into the air and are about to be eaten by this giant fish (which is far too big for the river). However, Tenshi saves the day by attacking and slicing up the fish. Due to the size of the fish there is an awful lot of food to go around and since Class SSS will never be able to eat it themselves, they decide to cook it all and treat the NPCs.

As the episode ends, a bloodied Yuri appears and collapses - she claims to have been attached by Tenshi, but Tenshi has been with them all the time. At that moment however, another Tenshi with red eyes appears on top of one of the buildings. Looks like Class SSS have an enemy again!

Now, here's my theory on the other Tenshi. In Episode 3, on Tenshi's computer we saw the Harmonics ability and a graphic of a person splitting into two. It would seem that the 'cloned' person takes on a different personality, the normal Tenshi would never attack anyone and only acts in self defence (Episode 6). However, the cloned red-eyed Tenshi attacked Yuri - not self defence. We also get to briefly see Tenshi splitting into two earlier in the episode when attacking the fish, as it's only a few frames it's easily missed but there is a screencap below.

A relationship between Otonashi and Tenshi is definitely being built up, I wonder how the appearance of a second Tenshi will affect things though. As usual, I can't wait for the next episode!

TK teaches Matsushita some valuable lessons in English and Dancing

Otonashi with his sister. She dreams of being able to go to school and study

Unfortunately, that's not a fish. Ouch

While you've found the perfect chance to kick him, I don't think you've got such perfect timing

Tenshi splits into two, note that the one that attacks the fish is the red-eyed version

Attack of the red-eyed Tenshi!


Angel Beats! Episode 6 – Family Affair

Shina's concentration abilities have increased

Class SSS are finally released from 'detention', which unlike a standard detention room seems quite like a prison. With the new student council president in place, they decide to test him and see how far he can be pushed. In order to do this, they play games in class, annoy the teachers and so on. When the president turns up though, they manage to run away before he can do anything.

Otonashi strikes up a conversation with Tenshi and mentions the Szechuan Tofu that he ate (using her meal ticket). He convinces her to skip class and go and eat some in the canteen with him. However, eating during lesson time is against the rules (so why is the canteen even serving?) which gives the student council president the perfect excuse to imprison Otonashi and Tenshi in a cell. Tenshi simply accepts her punishment and goes to sleep.

Otonashi is later woken by the sound of explosions. Over the walkie-talkie that Yuri gave him earlier he learns that the new president isn't an NPC, but is actually a real person. He's taking advantage of the SSS's policy of not attacking NPCs to defend himself, using them as human shields. A huge battle is taking place between Class SSS and the student council president and unfortunately, Class SSS are loosing. It would have been interesting to see this battle, but sadly we are not shown it.

Otonashi franticly wakes up Tenshi and asks for her help - he's desperate to escape and save his friends. Tenshi uses her Hand Sonic guard skill on the door, but to no avail. She also tries versions 2 (spear), 3 (fork) and 4 (flower!) on the door but they are equally unsuccessful. However, Otonashi realises that due to the change in size between versions 3 and 4 it's possible to wedge version 2 into the door then steadily work up to version 4 until the door is destroyed. It works, and Otonashi rushes with Tenshi to the sports field.

He arrives at a bloodbath, the student council president has killed all of Class SSS and repeatedly kills them when they come back to life (painful!). He then declares that because he is in control,  he is God (I think the term he's actually looking for is 'dictator'!). By taking advantage of the fact that people dissappear when they fufill their dreams and his powers of hypnotism, he attempts to make Yuri dissappear by making her think that her brutally murdered brothers and sisters (Episode 2) are still alive. Otonashi stops him and points out the absurdity of his plan and it's then time for the student council president to recount his memories.

He had a harsh life in the shadow of his brilliant brother, when his brother died he came under a lot of pressure to succeed and did manage a small amount of success.  However, when his father became bedridden it was all over, there was no one to tutor him further. Just like with Yuri, we don't actually find out why he died, just the events leading up to it.

Ayato (the student council president) comes to his senses, agrees to join Class SSS and stops the bloodshed. However, he does not appear in the ending like all the other Class SSS characters do, which is slightly odd.

There was an awful lot of plot in this episode, hence why my summary is so long (but i'm not complaining). It seems that thought the episode Otonashi is developing an ever-closer relationship with Tenshi, he cared for her feelings in the previous episode and in this one he actually tries to engage in conversation with her. This is in direct contrast to the rest of Class SSS who still see her as their mortal enemy.

Not many screencaps this episode, there was a lot of dialogue and not much visual action.

More English from TK

Hand Sonic: Version 2

Hand Sonic: Version 3

Hand Sonic: Version 4. It looks cute right now, but probably not when it's got lots of blood on it


Angel Beats! Episode 5 – Favourite Flavour

Tenshi's assault as imagined by Otonashi

Episode 5 reverts to the standard opening sung by Lia, rather than the Episode 4 Yui opening. I wonder if we'll see another special one off opening in a future episode.

This episode's crazy plan is to make Tenshi fail her tests and have her removed from her student council position. Amazingly, Yuri actually considers the morality of this plan before starting the briefing - if Tenshi really isn't an angel then the emotional blow is going to be huge, but that never stopped Yuri before!

In order to make her fail, a faked test paper will be submitted in Tenshi's name. In order to insert the faked paper into the stack of papers however, a distraction is required. While members of Class SSS come up with rather elaborate distractions, they all fail miserably causing Yuri to execute Plan B - rocket motors under the chair.

A small problem however is that they don't know Tenshi's real name to write on the test. Otonashi manages to mind it out though, Tachibana Kanade. Unfortunately, they are successful at making her fail and she is forced to resign from her student council position.

However, with Tenshi supposedly out of the way Class SSS can now carry out their operations with ease. They re-run Operation Tornado (from Episode 1) to gain more meal tickets. This is Yui's first concert with Girls Dead Monster and they play Thousand Enemies, which was the last piece of music that Iwasawa left behind. Tenshi does show up, but Otonashi believes that she's not a threat and manages to prevent Class SSS from engaging her in combat. He's correct - she just buys a meal ticket which, due to Operation Tornado, Otonashi ends up with.

Otonashi seems to be the only one thought the entire episode who actually cares for the feelings of Tenshi with Yuri occasionally considering her feelings. I feel, Class SSS really have gone a bit far this time . However, Tenshi seems to be handling things very well for someone who has had everything they lived for taken away from them.

After the ending credits, the new student council president storms the dining hall in a rather militaristic style and forces Class SSS into detention for being out late at night. Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to remove Tenshi after all?

Yuri always has a Plan B

Yui in concert, singing Thousand Enemies

She does a good job, but I think I prefer Iwasawa more

Poor Tenshi, eating all alone 🙁

Note that Takamatsu has no shirt on, which was his distraction earlier in the episode

I bet you wish Tenshi was still the Student Council President now eh?


Angel Beats! Episode 4 – Day Game

Yui sings the opening

Due to the events of the previous episode, Girls Dead Monster requires a vocalist. As I thought, Yui tries out for the position and demonstrates her ability by singing the opening, which is completely redesigned with Yui's vocals and images of her playing. I have never seen any other anime make a new one-off opening before. The opening fits in perfectly and i'm amazed that they've put so much effort into it. While Yui is good at singing the opening, I do prefer the original version by vocalist Lia. You can see the Yui version of the opening at the end of this post.

Unfortunately, Class SSS are less than impressed by Yui's performance and leave it up to the remaining members of Girls Dead Monster to decide her suitability.

Going back to the main plot, Yuri dictates that Class SSS have to take part in the upcoming school baseball tournament. Hinata immediately grabs Otonashi and they go about trying to attract new members, but in a rather unsuccessful manner. They eventually lower their entry requirements and get a team together.

The game starts and Hinata's team steadily progresses through the rounds and eventually come up against Tenshi's Student Council team. The game is very close and Otonashi calls a timeout in order to discuss strategy, which is when Hinata decides to recount his memories. He was in a similar situation to the current game and messed up, it seems event after that contributed to his death. The game resumes and Hinata quickly finds himself in the same situation where he messed up in his previous life. Fearing that he will disappear just like [spoiler]Iwasawa[/spoiler] did last episode due to fulfilling her dream before death, Otonashi desperately tries to stop Hinata from catching the ball. However, Yui who has constantly been attacked by Hinata sees an opportunity and attacks Hinata preventing him from catching the ball and fulfilling his dream.

I'd say that, so far, this has been the episode with the least plot, but was still enjoyable. Like most episodes, so much has happened that not all of it has been covered above.

Yui singing the opening, got to love the blackboard drawings behind her

Yui has quite a way with words

Yui-nyan :3 . This really annoys Hinata

No, that's not a good thing!

You tell them TK!

New ending, note Yui strangling Hinata