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Angel Beats! Episode 4 – Day Game

Yui sings the opening

Due to the events of the previous episode, Girls Dead Monster requires a vocalist. As I thought, Yui tries out for the position and demonstrates her ability by singing the opening, which is completely redesigned with Yui's vocals and images of her playing. I have never seen any other anime make a new one-off opening before. The opening fits in perfectly and i'm amazed that they've put so much effort into it. While Yui is good at singing the opening, I do prefer the original version by vocalist Lia. You can see the Yui version of the opening at the end of this post.

Unfortunately, Class SSS are less than impressed by Yui's performance and leave it up to the remaining members of Girls Dead Monster to decide her suitability.

Going back to the main plot, Yuri dictates that Class SSS have to take part in the upcoming school baseball tournament. Hinata immediately grabs Otonashi and they go about trying to attract new members, but in a rather unsuccessful manner. They eventually lower their entry requirements and get a team together.

The game starts and Hinata's team steadily progresses through the rounds and eventually come up against Tenshi's Student Council team. The game is very close and Otonashi calls a timeout in order to discuss strategy, which is when Hinata decides to recount his memories. He was in a similar situation to the current game and messed up, it seems event after that contributed to his death. The game resumes and Hinata quickly finds himself in the same situation where he messed up in his previous life. Fearing that he will disappear just like [spoiler]Iwasawa[/spoiler] did last episode due to fulfilling her dream before death, Otonashi desperately tries to stop Hinata from catching the ball. However, Yui who has constantly been attacked by Hinata sees an opportunity and attacks Hinata preventing him from catching the ball and fulfilling his dream.

I'd say that, so far, this has been the episode with the least plot, but was still enjoyable. Like most episodes, so much has happened that not all of it has been covered above.

Yui singing the opening, got to love the blackboard drawings behind her

Yui has quite a way with words

Yui-nyan :3 . This really annoys Hinata

No, that's not a good thing!

You tell them TK!

New ending, note Yui strangling Hinata

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