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Angel Beats! Episode 5 – Favourite Flavour

Tenshi's assault as imagined by Otonashi

Episode 5 reverts to the standard opening sung by Lia, rather than the Episode 4 Yui opening. I wonder if we'll see another special one off opening in a future episode.

This episode's crazy plan is to make Tenshi fail her tests and have her removed from her student council position. Amazingly, Yuri actually considers the morality of this plan before starting the briefing - if Tenshi really isn't an angel then the emotional blow is going to be huge, but that never stopped Yuri before!

In order to make her fail, a faked test paper will be submitted in Tenshi's name. In order to insert the faked paper into the stack of papers however, a distraction is required. While members of Class SSS come up with rather elaborate distractions, they all fail miserably causing Yuri to execute Plan B - rocket motors under the chair.

A small problem however is that they don't know Tenshi's real name to write on the test. Otonashi manages to mind it out though, Tachibana Kanade. Unfortunately, they are successful at making her fail and she is forced to resign from her student council position.

However, with Tenshi supposedly out of the way Class SSS can now carry out their operations with ease. They re-run Operation Tornado (from Episode 1) to gain more meal tickets. This is Yui's first concert with Girls Dead Monster and they play Thousand Enemies, which was the last piece of music that Iwasawa left behind. Tenshi does show up, but Otonashi believes that she's not a threat and manages to prevent Class SSS from engaging her in combat. He's correct - she just buys a meal ticket which, due to Operation Tornado, Otonashi ends up with.

Otonashi seems to be the only one thought the entire episode who actually cares for the feelings of Tenshi with Yuri occasionally considering her feelings. I feel, Class SSS really have gone a bit far this time . However, Tenshi seems to be handling things very well for someone who has had everything they lived for taken away from them.

After the ending credits, the new student council president storms the dining hall in a rather militaristic style and forces Class SSS into detention for being out late at night. Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to remove Tenshi after all?

Yuri always has a Plan B

Yui in concert, singing Thousand Enemies

She does a good job, but I think I prefer Iwasawa more

Poor Tenshi, eating all alone 🙁

Note that Takamatsu has no shirt on, which was his distraction earlier in the episode

I bet you wish Tenshi was still the Student Council President now eh?

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