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Angel Beats! Episode 6 – Family Affair

Shina's concentration abilities have increased

Class SSS are finally released from 'detention', which unlike a standard detention room seems quite like a prison. With the new student council president in place, they decide to test him and see how far he can be pushed. In order to do this, they play games in class, annoy the teachers and so on. When the president turns up though, they manage to run away before he can do anything.

Otonashi strikes up a conversation with Tenshi and mentions the Szechuan Tofu that he ate (using her meal ticket). He convinces her to skip class and go and eat some in the canteen with him. However, eating during lesson time is against the rules (so why is the canteen even serving?) which gives the student council president the perfect excuse to imprison Otonashi and Tenshi in a cell. Tenshi simply accepts her punishment and goes to sleep.

Otonashi is later woken by the sound of explosions. Over the walkie-talkie that Yuri gave him earlier he learns that the new president isn't an NPC, but is actually a real person. He's taking advantage of the SSS's policy of not attacking NPCs to defend himself, using them as human shields. A huge battle is taking place between Class SSS and the student council president and unfortunately, Class SSS are loosing. It would have been interesting to see this battle, but sadly we are not shown it.

Otonashi franticly wakes up Tenshi and asks for her help - he's desperate to escape and save his friends. Tenshi uses her Hand Sonic guard skill on the door, but to no avail. She also tries versions 2 (spear), 3 (fork) and 4 (flower!) on the door but they are equally unsuccessful. However, Otonashi realises that due to the change in size between versions 3 and 4 it's possible to wedge version 2 into the door then steadily work up to version 4 until the door is destroyed. It works, and Otonashi rushes with Tenshi to the sports field.

He arrives at a bloodbath, the student council president has killed all of Class SSS and repeatedly kills them when they come back to life (painful!). He then declares that because he is in control,  he is God (I think the term he's actually looking for is 'dictator'!). By taking advantage of the fact that people dissappear when they fufill their dreams and his powers of hypnotism, he attempts to make Yuri dissappear by making her think that her brutally murdered brothers and sisters (Episode 2) are still alive. Otonashi stops him and points out the absurdity of his plan and it's then time for the student council president to recount his memories.

He had a harsh life in the shadow of his brilliant brother, when his brother died he came under a lot of pressure to succeed and did manage a small amount of success.  However, when his father became bedridden it was all over, there was no one to tutor him further. Just like with Yuri, we don't actually find out why he died, just the events leading up to it.

Ayato (the student council president) comes to his senses, agrees to join Class SSS and stops the bloodshed. However, he does not appear in the ending like all the other Class SSS characters do, which is slightly odd.

There was an awful lot of plot in this episode, hence why my summary is so long (but i'm not complaining). It seems that thought the episode Otonashi is developing an ever-closer relationship with Tenshi, he cared for her feelings in the previous episode and in this one he actually tries to engage in conversation with her. This is in direct contrast to the rest of Class SSS who still see her as their mortal enemy.

Not many screencaps this episode, there was a lot of dialogue and not much visual action.

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Hand Sonic: Version 2

Hand Sonic: Version 3

Hand Sonic: Version 4. It looks cute right now, but probably not when it's got lots of blood on it

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