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Angel Beats! Episode 7 – Alive

Operation Monster Stream - Fishing!

Now that Naoi has joined the SSS they are yet again left without an enemy to fight. However, Yuri takes advantage of Naoi's hypnosis ability to offer Otonashi the chance to remember his past. He grudgingly accepts and thus begins this episode's past life recollection.

Otonashi wasn't anyone particularly special, however he did care deeply for his hospitalised sister, she was the sole reason he lived. Unsurprisingly, she dies and obviously Otonashi is deeply shocked by this. However, rather than take his life, he works towards getting into medical school to help others in a similar position to his sister. Sadly, he is involved in a [spoiler]train accident[/spoiler] and dies before realising his dream.

I'm curious as to if these are really his memories - can Naoi really hypnotise Otonashi to remember? What if Naoi is implanting fake memories into Otonashi's mind?

In the second half of the episode (Otonashi's recollection is quite long and detailed), Class SSS initiate Operation Monster Stream. This is an alternative operation to Tornado for gathering food. As usual, Otonashi has a vivid visualisation of a monster, while the actual operation simply revolves around fishing. Otonashi decides to invite Tenshi along, much to the shock of other Class SSS members (who have had no problems accepting Naoi!). Otonashi eventually wins them over and they head to the stream.

Once Tenshi gets the hang of fishing, she manages to catch 'The King of the River'. Normally, Class SSS are unable to catch it but thanks to Tenshi's passive strength ability they are able to. Unfortunately, they are somehow all flung into the air and are about to be eaten by this giant fish (which is far too big for the river). However, Tenshi saves the day by attacking and slicing up the fish. Due to the size of the fish there is an awful lot of food to go around and since Class SSS will never be able to eat it themselves, they decide to cook it all and treat the NPCs.

As the episode ends, a bloodied Yuri appears and collapses - she claims to have been attached by Tenshi, but Tenshi has been with them all the time. At that moment however, another Tenshi with red eyes appears on top of one of the buildings. Looks like Class SSS have an enemy again!

Now, here's my theory on the other Tenshi. In Episode 3, on Tenshi's computer we saw the Harmonics ability and a graphic of a person splitting into two. It would seem that the 'cloned' person takes on a different personality, the normal Tenshi would never attack anyone and only acts in self defence (Episode 6). However, the cloned red-eyed Tenshi attacked Yuri - not self defence. We also get to briefly see Tenshi splitting into two earlier in the episode when attacking the fish, as it's only a few frames it's easily missed but there is a screencap below.

A relationship between Otonashi and Tenshi is definitely being built up, I wonder how the appearance of a second Tenshi will affect things though. As usual, I can't wait for the next episode!

TK teaches Matsushita some valuable lessons in English and Dancing

Otonashi with his sister. She dreams of being able to go to school and study

Unfortunately, that's not a fish. Ouch

While you've found the perfect chance to kick him, I don't think you've got such perfect timing

Tenshi splits into two, note that the one that attacks the fish is the red-eyed version

Attack of the red-eyed Tenshi!

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