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Angel Beats! Episode 8 – Dancer in the Dark

Look into my eyes...

It seems that I was right about Tenshi using Harmonics to create a copy of herself, however she is unable to erase it. In a fight with her clone, Tenshi is badly injured and taken to the medical room to recover. While Yuri attempts to come up with a plan, she orders the rest of the SSS to act normally and attend classes, but to not pay attention in order to prevent them from disappearing.

Yuri goes back to Tenshi's room and pokes around her computer, she discovers that the skill 'Absorb' will cause the clones to be reabsorbed into the original, but has no way of forcing it to run. Instead, she modifies the Harmonics skill to run Absorb 10 seconds afterwards which will destroy the clone.

However, before Yuri can get Tenshi to use the Harmonics skill, Tenshi is kidnapped by her clone and taken to The Guild (which was blown up in Episode 2). Therefore, Class SSS has to go and rescue Tenshi from the depths of the Guild. Luckily, the traps which almost wiped out everyone previously haven't been reset. However, it seems that the clone inherits all of Tenshi's skills and consequently the clone can create more clones! So instead of traps, Class SSS must battle their way past numerous clones. Otonashi's visions in Episode 5 of a Tenshi assault are now surprisingly accurate.

As Class SSS run low on ammo, Matsushita comes up with an interesting idea to pass each clone they meet - suicide! Each member of Class SSS takes it in turn to run at one of the clones and jump on them to restrain them (and 'die'). Naturally, most of them are actually quite amusing - TK does a run and jump at a clone, Naoi hypnotises Ooyama to hug a clone and Yui kicks Hinata into the a clone in the middle of his farewell speech. When they finally reach 'Ground Zero' at the Guild, only Otonashi, Yuri and Yui are still alive. They slide down to the bottom of the explosion crater, but Yui has a slight problem with a metal beam on the way down - ouch!

At the bottom, they encounter yet another clone - presumably the original clone. This one however decides to use the new Howling guard skill - creating a very painful sound. Having seen it on the computer though, Yuri has earplugs and is able to stab the clone while she is using Howling (and hence not using Distortion to protect against attacks).

Otonashi finds the original Tenshi and gets her to use her Distortion skill, as intended another clone emerges but explains that the strain of Tenshi having to absorb all of the clones at once is going to be a huge. The countdown hits 0 and re-absorption begins. With Tenshi in great pain, Otonashi holds her in his arms and the episode ends.

Like some previous episodes, i'm unsure of how the plot will progress from here - now that the Tenshi clones have been defeated Class SSS are again missing an enemy to fight against!

Unfortunately, that's your job!

An unusal method for not paying attention in class

More awesomeness from TK

Now you know how we feel about trying to understand a show that is all in Japanese

What the Guild looks like after destruction (Episode 2), i'm suprised that there is even this much left

Guard Skill: Howling. Looks like some kind of superweapon.

What a kind offer, but I think i'll give it a miss...

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