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Angel Beats! Episode 9 – In Your Memory

I've got no one to fight against, damn this sucks!

Tenshi is recovering in the infirmary, having been rescued from the Guild last episode, however she is unconscious. Class SSS speculate that this is due to her absorbed personalties fighting inside her, which begs the questions - which one will win and be the personality of Tenshi when she wakes up?

While Tenshi is recovering, we get a flashback from Otonashi. It seems that he didn't die in a [spoiler]train accident[/spoiler] after all. Instead, he is stuck in a train tunnel along with other people who where on the train. After helping tend to the injured, he searches the tunnel only to discover that both ends are blocked by a cave in and hence they are unable to escape. After several days it seems evident that rescue won't come and everyone is very weak as the supplies of food and water have run out. Remembering that his sister was awaiting an organ donor before she died, Otonashi uses his last moments of life to fill out the organ donor section of his health insurance card. Inspired by his example, all of the other survivors out theirs as well. Just as Otonashi dies, rescue finally arrives.

Tenshi wakes up and thankfully she retains her nice personality. Otonashi gives a brief recap on his flashback, concluding that his life wasn't harsh after all - he achieved his dream of helping others get well by donating his organs. However, surely this means that he should disappear? Tenshi explains that as long as he has some regret or something binding him to the afterlife he won't disappear - in this case it's the memories of the good times he's had with Class SSS.

Otonashi finally understands Tenshi's plan for them all. Everyone's youth has been cut short, they come to the afterlife to fulfil the dreams they never could in their actual life. Tenshi has been trying to help them live what would have been a normal life back in the real world but because they've rebelled, Tenshi's plan for them simply isn't working. Otonashi and Tenshi decide to cooperate, Class SSS trust Otonashi and he can use this trust to help them achieve their dreams and disappear. Tenshi agrees to go back to being 'evil' and fight Class SSS to maintain a distraction against Otonashi's actions. Looks like we might have some more fight scenes in future episodes!

This has been yet another fantastic episode. It was interesting to see Otonashi's full past and how it actually wasn't that harsh contrary to what we had been lead to believe previously. Otonashi and Tenshi's plan (or should I call her Kanade? I can't decide!) is clever but could be difficult to keep secret. In addition, some memories are going to be difficult to overcome, Yuri's especially. We'll have to wait and see to find out just how effective their plan is.

The 3rd Girls Dead Monster album, Little Braver, seems to have been released slightly early (should have been released on the 9th, today is the 6th). Little Braver is quite a good song, but the other two (Shine Days and Answer Song) are somewhat average. The first album, featuring Iwasawa, is still my favourite.

Otonashi's crashed train, the tunnel is blocked by a cave in

Our cute, sweet Tenshi/Kanade is back 🙂

Shut up and get on with your exam!

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