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When They Cry – Higurashi Episode 3 – Spirited Away by the Demon Chapter Three – Suspicion

Hinamizawa has the best waitresses

Morning comes and Keiichi is still alive, but becoming increasingly paranoid. For fear of having to face Rena and Mio, he decides to call in sick to school and stay home. Despite fearing for his life, he still talks to the detective about events in Hinamizawa. Again, Rena knows that Keiichi has been talking with the detective and comes to visit him later that night with Mio under the premise of seeing how he is. While they kindly give him some food, there is a needle in one - proof that they are trying to kill him (it could be entirely accidental, but I seriously doubt this). Fearing that he's going to be killed, Keiichi writes down what he knows on a piece of paper and hides it behind his wall clock.

Keiichi now becomes super-paranoid and tries to distance himself from Rena and Mio, also bringing along a bat for protection. Surprisingly, Rena comes up to him later to ask why he is taking the exact same actions Satoshi took before he 'transferred'. Just before she reveals what really happened her eyes change and she reiterates that he transferred.

Rena and Mio appear to have two personalities, one normal personality and one demonic personality, as indicated by their eyes changing. It would seem that their normal personalities are completely unaware of their demonic personalities.

How strange...

The eyes, the eyes!

Well, now that you phrase it like that I will join in with the club activities, just don't try and kill me okay?

Famous last words

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