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Angel Beats! Episode 11 – Change the World

Kanade deploys her wings, looks amazing

While trying to think of who to help next, Otonashi comes across Hinata and Naoi. While they are talking, a shadow appears and attacks them. Thankfully they manage to defeat it, however, this is now the second shadow attack - are more on the way?

Thinking that Tenshi might have something to do with it, Yuri requests her presence in the Student Council room. Tenshi informs Yuri that she did do some programming recently, but only to add wings (as suggested by Otonashi previously).Yuri gets Takeyama to check the program for bugs, but none exist - it seems that the shadows are unrelated to Tenshi's actions. The meeting is cut short by the sound of gunfire from outside - Noda, TK and Shiina are being attacked by multiple shadows. The others rush to their assistance, jumping from the high building down to the ground. Tenshi deploys her new wings - they look absolutely stunning but don't appear to be fully functional. They manage to defeat the shadows, but Yuri witnesses one NPC turning into a shadow just as the battle is ending - what caused this?

Fujimaki tells Class SSS that he saw Takamatsu consumed by one of the shadows. He's eventually found in class but with a completely different personality - he's now [spoiler]an NPC[/spoiler]. Yuri calls a meeting of all the Class SSS members - it turns out that there are actually quite a few members, certainly more than we see normally. Yuri reveals that she knows of Otonashi's plan of disappearance and allows him to pitch it to the other Class SSS members. The members are now left with two choices - fight or disappear.

Afterwards, Yuri holds a small meeting with Otonashi, Tenshi, Hinata and Naoi. She reveals a new theory - that someone is controlling the NPCs and causing this to happen and she is going off alone to find out who is doing it. She asks Otonashi to work with Tenshi to protect the Class SSS members. Before she leaves, she reveals that Tenshi isn't really an angel - but a normal human like the rest of them. Otonashi realises that he was told this by her in the very first episode. I guess from now on i'll call her by her proper name - Kanade.

After the ending credits, we see Yuri's attempts to track down who is doing this. Whoever it is needs computers, so she heads over to the library's PC room to try and find out if anyone is there. It turns out that someone is there, alone, working on a computer. She threatens them at gunpoint, but it turns out that this person is just installing a new PC to replace a stolen one - apparently quite a few have gone missing. Yuri goes back later to have a search around and finds a trap door - leading back to [spoiler]The Guild[/spoiler]! So whoever is stealing the PCs and controlling the NPCs is either [spoiler]a member of Class SSS[/spoiler] or simply hiding down there - I wonder who it is?

This episode seems to be a cross between the plot lines from Lost (smoke monster etc.) and The Matrix (NPCs transforming into something hostile, someone altering the code). This is building up to an interesting finale, only 2 to go now!

That's just how she expresses her love for you Naoi!

I think it would be more 'shock and awe' than prestige

All of the Class SSS members, didn't think there where this many

Tenshi isn't an Angel!

Girls Dead Monster pay tribute to Yui and Iwasawa's guitars

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