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Spice and Wolf Manga Volume 1

Spice and Wolf Manga Volume 1 Cover

In preparation for the upcoming release of volume 2 of the Spice and Wolf  light novel, I wanted to refresh myself of the storyline of the volume 1. As the first volume of the Spice and Wolf manga was recently released, I decided to read it in order to refresh myself.

The front cover has a "Parental Advisory/Explicit Content" label on it and I did initially fear that the manga might be full of Holo fanservice and ignore the original story. Thankfully though, the manga only has a few Holo fanservice scenes - primarily when Laurence first finds her in his cart. Normally in manga, the first 4 pages are in full colour. However, in this case the 4 colour pages are Holo's discovery instead, which I think was a very good choice. At the very beginning, there is a brief introduction to each character and a map of the area within which the story is set in. The artwork is absolutely stunning - it is perhaps the most detailed i've ever seen in any manga. This level of quality is maintained thorough the manga.

The manga stays true to the original story and doesn't skip any major parts and acutally explains some of the more difficult economic concepts in the story quite well. However, it only covers chapters 1-3 of the Volume 1 light novel - up to where Laurence goes off to make a proposal to the Milone Company. I presume that Volume 2 will cover chapters 4-6 - if/when Volume 2 of the manga becomes available i'll be sure to purchase it!

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