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The Music of Angel Beats!

The Angel Beats! anime has a fair amount of music associated with it - mostly thanks to the band 'Girls Dead Monster' within the series itself. The band had two vocalists, Iwasawa and Yui. When performing, their character voices where not used. Instead, professional artists sung the songs. Iwasawa's vocalist was marina and Yui's was LiSA.

My Soul, Your Beats!/Brave Song cover

My Soul, Your Beats! / Brave Song (Opening and Ending)

The opening song, My Soul, Your Beats!, was sung by Lia who has also sung other songs for other Key production - such as Air's opening theme - 鳥の歌 (tori no uta, Bird's Song). The opening is extremely upbeat, however the extended version is somewhat lacking in variety. The ending song, Brave Song, was sung by 多田葵 (Tada Aoi). Unlike the opening, Brave Song is much calmer. The combination of an upbeat opening and a calm ending suits the series perfectly. Both songs where released on an album which was creatively entitled My Soul, Your Beats! / Brave Song.

Girls Dead Monster released 4 CDs, in order of release they are;

Crow Song cover

Crow Song

Contains the songs Crow Song, Alchemy and My Song. All of these featured within the anime itself and where sung by Iwasawa/marina. My Song is very different to the other two as it is a ballad. marina is able to sing all of the songs perfectly and this is my favourite Girls Dead Monster album.

Thousand Enemies cover

Thousand Enemies

Contains the songs Thousand Enemies, Rain Song and Highest Life. Thousand Enemies features in the anime and was the first song that Yui sang. LiSA is a good vocalist, but I prefer Iwasawa/marina slightly more.

Little Braver cover

Little Braver

Contains the songs Little Braver, Shine Days and Answer Song. I felt that these songs where better than the ones on Thousand Enemies but still not as good as the ones on Crow Song by Iwasawa/marina.

Keep The Beats! cover

Keep The Beats!

This CD was released shortly after the end of the series and contains a mix of songs. It includes Yui versions of Iwasawa's songs, Girls Dead Monster versions of the opening and ending songs and 4 new songs - 23:50, Run with Wolves, Morning Dreamer and 一番の宝物 (ichiban no takaramono, My Most Precious Treasure). The first 3 songs are nothing special, just your standard Yui/LiSA songs. However, 一番の宝物 is a truly beautiful song which played over the end of Episode 10 ([spoiler]Yui's disappearance episode[/spoiler]). Unfortunately, I felt that the Yui version of My Song wasn't as good as the original version - it changed it from a beautiful ballad to a rock ballad. While it is still a fairly good song I much prefer the original version, especially considering the context within which it was sung.

Original Soundtrack Cover

Original Soundtrack

The OST release totals 47 tracks (including the opening and ending songs), it was great to hear the full versions of them and there are a couple that I don't actually remember featuring in the series. Fans of the song 一番の宝物 (ichiban no takaramono, My Most Precious Treasure) will be pleased to hear that a background music version and one sung by karuta are present. Both are beautiful pieces of music that I really like listening to. The music which first featured in PV6 is also present on OST release - theme of SSS, not Angelic Angel Beats as some people had called it.