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Asobi ni Iku yo! Episode 1 – A Cat Falls to Earth

Firstly, yes I am aware that this aired over 1 2 many months ago, things have been extremely busy which has sadly cut into my anime viewing time - this has been reflected in the number of posts made. Hopefully though things might start to pick up a bit now!

Anyway, the first episode of Asobi ni Iku yo!


We start with various news reports about a mysterious message that has been received from an unknown source. The message reads "Let's go play!". Suddenly, we switch to a scene of a fight at sea between two ships. A girl, Momiji, climbs into a "seven-function flexible type power amplification suit" and is launched towards the other ship. She fights through the ship killing the crew until she reaches the captain. Everything seems to be going perfectly until a UFO flies by, giving the enemy captain the perfect distraction to trigger a bomb that blows up his ship. While this scene is completely awesome i'm curious as to how it fits in - I wasn't prepared for this based upon what I had heard about this anime!

After the title screen, we're introduced to Kio, one the main characters. He's just arrived at a funeral for a relative, but the atmosphere is a bit more upbeat than your average funeral. Enter creepy uncle Yuuichi, who wastes no time asking Kio if he's managed to get a girlfriend yet. On hearing that he doesn't have one, he suggests a girl nearby who has a good figure, is cute and has cat ears too. Kio seems to be the only one who is surprised by this unusual extra feature however. After an awkward introduction to alien catgirl Eris, he passes out after a single sip of alcohol.

The next day, Kio wakes up in bed, only to realise that Eris is also in the same bed after she took Yuuichi's orders to sleep anywhere she wanted rather literally.

Manami, Kio's neighbour, then calls by. She's been spying on Kio and is curious to find out more about his new girlfriend and, due to Eris's appearance, his perverted tastes. Of course, explaining things to Manami turns out to be pointless as she won't believe a word he says. At that point, Kio's teacher Itokazu turns up and having overheard Kio and Manami's conversation, is also curious about Kio's new girlfriend. Naturally, she also flat out refuses to believe that Eris's ears and tail are natural until she is able to touch them.

However, Itokazu is still not completely convinced and asks for more proof. As Eris thinks about this, a message comes through from her ship's navigation system warning Eris that their ship has been discovered. Eris orders the ship to execute some manoeuvres and on live TV, Kio, Manami and Itokazu are able to witness Eris's ship evading capture and flying away. Still in shock, Manami and Itokazu quickly excuse themselves and leave.

Kio continues to talk to Eris and asks why she decided to come and visit Earth. The reason is simple - to make friends. Her own planet is also called Earth, but was renamed to Catia (presumably because they're cat people!). Across the road, Manami continues spying on Kio and Eris. It seems there's much more to her than meets the eye, her room is full of various weaponry and surveillance equipment. She wastes no time contacting the "company" and asking to be put on the case in exchange for providing information. Itokazu is also a member of a secret society that seeks a "beautiful" first contact. As Eris has a mostly human appearance and speaks perfect Japanese, this does not fit the role of a perfect first contact and consequently Eris needs to be 'removed'.

Heading out for a while, Kio bumps into another female friend - Futaba. After talking with her for a while, a man in a car pulls up and calls out to Futaba offering her a lift. While this might seem creepy to a bystander, Futaba seems to know the man and gets in, saying goodbye to Kio.

At this point, you realise that Futaba is the person we saw in the first scene - in the special suit. After some casual chat with the driver, she pulls a gun on him and threatens to shoot. Instead, she shoots the window-screen. The petrified driver hands over a mission file to Futaba - to eliminate an "illegal immigrant and silence the one aiding it" - in other words, kill Eris and Kio.

So, there are now 3 factions out to kill Eris (Manami and her "company", Itokazu and her secret society for a beautiful first contact and Futaba/Momiji and her secret organisation). Will Kio be able to defend against all of them?

Apologies for the long post, it was difficult to shorten it without cutting out vital plot information. I certainly was not expecting this much to happen in the first episode and i'm very much looking forward to watching the series as a whole. However, as there are many ending songs set over a mostly static image I will not be writing a separate post for the ending sequence as usual - expect a write up on Episode 2 shortly!

Semi-naked catgirl repulsion field!

Manami, the girl next door. Poor Kio has no privacy it seems.

You can't just call him a pervert after admitting to spying on him, besides - there's nothing wrong with what Kio's done right? ;p

Manami continues to stalk Kio and Eris after she's left. Hey, at least she's using an up-to-date OS!

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