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Autumn 2010 Summary

The autumn 2010 season finished a short while ago, so it's time for a summary of what I thought. However, of the two series that I watched, i've only kept up with one. I've not been able to watch A Certain Magical Index II past Episode 1 due to time constraints. Hopefully i'll be able to catch up when i've got time.

A Certain Magical Index II

See above, however from what i've heard it's on about the same level as the first season, which is to say 'average'.

My Little Sister Can't be This Cute (Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai)

An excellent summary of Kirino's personality

I wasn't too sure what i'd get out of this at first, aside from a light comedy. As it's an anime about "otaku culture" and dating sims in particular it would have been very easy for the authors to make it pander exclusively to hardcore fans of such things. However, the plot line was surprisingly good and I certainly enjoyed it. The animation was above average and unusually every ending song was different, a lot of work has gone into making this and it certainly seems to have paid off. A lot of references to other series where made, especially Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha - to the point where they used Nanoha's voice actor to voice some of the parody scenes!

Kuroneko (left) is certainly my favourite character. Fun fact: Kuroneko's voice actor also voiced Tenshi in Angel Beats!

Overall impression: Good

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