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Fractale Introduction and Opening

Of the Winter 2011 season, Fractale is the show i'm looking forward to the most. It is set in the future where a system known as the Fractale System has been implemented to make life easier for everyone. Indeed, there are no wars now and people are able to relax. However, one day our protagonist Clain comes across a girl (Phryne) who is being perused by unknown attackers. He hides her and is given a pendant from her before she disappears. Later on, he is able to unlock the pendant and another girl appears. Clain sets out with the girl to find Phryne and discover the secrets of the Fractale System.

As I mentioned in my Winter 2011 preview, this is perhaps not the most riveting description of an anime i've written but I am intrigued by the sense of mystery behind the Fractale System, how was it established, what does it do and why is it about to collapse?

The opening song is ハリネズミ (Harinezumi, Hedgehog) and is sung by 吾妻仁美 (Azuma Hitomi). I've not come across this singer before but the vocals and backing track fit the SciFi theming of the anime well. The opening animation consists of various fractals, unsurprising considering the title of the anime but I think that something more visually appealing and interesting could have been done.

Pretty fractals


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