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Winter 2011

We're a couple weeks into the Winter 2011 season. At first, it looks like a pretty uninteresting season, full of rehashes and purely fanservice shows. However, there are a few hidden gems.

A chart showing all the shows is available here.


The fractale system, which has governed the world for many years, is on the brink of collapse. A young boy, Clain, comes across a girl who is being persued by unknown attackers. He manages to hide her from them and she leaves behind a pendant before disappearing.

While you might not find yourself enthused by that short description, it's been a pretty good first episode. It is running on the noitaminA slot on Fuji TV, a slot which has the aim of expanding anime beyond it's typical young male demographic. Shows that have typically been in this slot in the past have had excellent plots and minimal fanservice so i'm expecting Fractale to be pretty good and aim to write about it.

Infinite Stratos

A powerful exoskeleton has been developed allowing humans to have much higher physical capabilities than normal. However, only females are able to pilot it for unknown reasons. This all changes when a boy called Ichika is found to be able to pilot the IS exoskeleton and is thus entered into a school for developing pilot ability. Naturally, it's an all-girls school. So far, this appears to be a cross between Gundam and Strike Witches and pretty average overall - nothing has really stood out for me.

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