Anime Contemplation Carefully considering the world of Anime, episode by episode.

About Anime Contemplation

Anime Contemplation is a site for me to write about anime i'm currently watching or related topics. I enjoy discussing episodes with friends after seeing each one so setting up a a blog like this is a natural progression 😉

Other topics that may be covered include AMVs, Figures, Magazines and Manga, however the bulk of posts should be regarding anime. I often screencap certain scenes while watching anime and i'll include these in my posts. Where possible, I attempt to avoid spoilers (I hate it when things are spoiled for me!) and if I do need to put a spoiler in i'll hide it such that you can't accidentally see.


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  1. I tried to find a contact page on this site, but didn’t see one anywhere. Is there an email I can use to reach you? I just had a question about your site.

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