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Autumn 2010 Summary

The autumn 2010 season finished a short while ago, so it's time for a summary of what I thought. However, of the two series that I watched, i've only kept up with one. I've not been able to watch A Certain Magical Index II past Episode 1 due to time constraints. Hopefully i'll be able to catch up when i've got time.

A Certain Magical Index II

See above, however from what i've heard it's on about the same level as the first season, which is to say 'average'.

My Little Sister Can't be This Cute (Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai)

An excellent summary of Kirino's personality

I wasn't too sure what i'd get out of this at first, aside from a light comedy. As it's an anime about "otaku culture" and dating sims in particular it would have been very easy for the authors to make it pander exclusively to hardcore fans of such things. However, the plot line was surprisingly good and I certainly enjoyed it. The animation was above average and unusually every ending song was different, a lot of work has gone into making this and it certainly seems to have paid off. A lot of references to other series where made, especially Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha - to the point where they used Nanoha's voice actor to voice some of the parody scenes!

Kuroneko (left) is certainly my favourite character. Fun fact: Kuroneko's voice actor also voiced Tenshi in Angel Beats!

Overall impression: Good


Summer 2010 Summary

The summer 2010 season ended a few weeks ago, so it's time to summarise what I watched.

High School of the Dead

This series had an interesting premise, a group of school kids fighting their way through a zombie outbreak. However, early on it became pretty clear that this series was going to take fanservice to a whole new level. Some people seemed to like this but personally I disliked the excessive amount of fanservice in the series. I do not mind fanservice in situations where it is appropriate or expected, but High School of the Dead has fanservice just for the sake of fanservice. I guess that you could at least say it stayed faithful to the original manga.

Final opinion: Neutral.

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi (Ookami-san and her 7 friends)

I wasn't too sure what to expect from this at first - after all, how far can you stretch fairy tale parodies? However, it did turn out to be quite an interesting and amusing show that, despite it's premise, had a slight bit of plot.

Final opinion: Good

Asobi ni iku yo! (Lets go and play)

This was supposed to be my main show for the season but due to time constraints (such as writing the posts) it's the only show that i've not kept up to date with each week. For the moment, i'll be following this at the rate of the Bluray releases. However, based on the first few episodes it is reasonably interesting and different to all of the other summer 2010 series.

Cat Shit One

This one episode web OVA was certainly worth watching. While not animated in a traditional style (3DCGI) the episode itself was intreiguing - set in a middle-eastern warfare setting, but substituting traditional human opponents for rabbits and camels. More episodes are planned and I am eagerly awaiting their release.

Final opinion: Good

Utawarerumono OVA Episode 3

Utawarerumono's 3rd OVA episode was perhaps the best yet. While the previous two kept my attention I didn't feel like they where anything special. The 3rd one concentrated on two characters that I felt had been under-represented in the original series - Touka and Aruruu. There will be a post about this at some point, but for now let me recommend it to anyone who has seen the original Utawarerumono series.

Final opinion: Good

Unfortunately, none of the shows this season have been really outstanding, but at least there have been several to keep me interested. At the moment, we're approximately 2-3 weeks in to the Autumn 2010 season, expect a "what i'm watching post" very, very soon!